Saturday, 31 May 2014

Done It!

Ok, so I've not posted in a while, but there really wasn't much to post as I couldn't do much in the way of training with dodgy shins.

Anyway, the tri was Sunday before last and while it was supposed to be a fun event, there were plenty of fit serious people there.

We all lined up poolside, and they had the slowest going in first, three in each lane and a new swimmer went in as a finisher got out. I had a 20 minute wait before getting in, but once in I was offffff :D Think I went off a bit quick but got held up a couple of times giving me a much needd breather. I was just thinking I had two lengths to go, when I was told to get out. Not a bad time at 8 mins but allowing for the delays would have meant nearer 6m 50 which was what I'd hoped for. So tired, I couldn't actually get out of the pool - I tried and fell back in :D

Got to transition for the bike and thinking back, spent far too long getting dried/changing - probably another couple of minutes lost, but hey it was fun. The ride was advertised as 16.5 miles, but I'd mapped it out on and it was more like 18. I was really hoping to average 20mph but it was too windy and my legs hurt like hell as I put a lot of effort into it. Part of the route involved a U turn where I stopped to get some food from my saddle bag - another minute or so lost :D

Anyway, got to the pub for the final transition and onto the run. Well, I originally hoped to do the run in 40 mins so was amused to do it in 39:40 sec :)

All in all, it was a fantastic event, really well organised. The finish at the pub was great as they had food and drink on the go (duh, I know, it's a pub, it's what they do !!!). The weather was great too.

All in 1 hr 49 mins and 40 place. There were 50 solos and 6 teams of three. My swim time was 17th fastest though I reckon should've been nearer top ten without delays; the bike was 20th fastest, but food probably cost me a few places and the run I was 56th fastest, but that has always been my weakest discipline, worry etc etc.

Will I do another? Er, signed up for an open water tri in August at Bewl - 750m swim, 20km bike and 5k run. I will also be doing some practice tri's on the south coast before hand. I'm also going to start taking the running a lot more seriously as that'll be the biggest time benefit.

Just watched the London ITU event and men did the same distances I'll be doing in August in 50 mins. A target has been set :D

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