Monday, 31 March 2014

Getting Irregular!

Well, it's been 1/2 a month since the last post. To tell the truth I just completely forgot to update as I was really interested in posting progress on the running.

Anyway, it's been another couple of weeks since I last ran (but think as of this week the frequency will be upped quite a lot) but the reason for the post tonight is that I hit a fairly major milestone.

Bear in mind that when I decided to do this triathlon, I barely managed to run 200 yards without a breather, then I was having various aches and pains especially in my shins that I was giving them a proper rest - well, tonight I finally managed to run 3.5 miles (circa 5k), and I've got to admit I'm feeling pretty please about that.

I was originally thinking my best time for the run would be around 40 mins and tonight I did it in under 38 minutes - yep, not a lot, but still got eight weeks to go.

The pool re-opened today, so I start in there tomorrow. No mucking around on this - as I'm joining a SwimFit class to make sure I put the effort in. It's been 10 months since I was in the water and I have 8 weeks to get to the stage where I can do sixteen 25 metre lengths non stop in 8 minutes. I know it's a fairly relaxed - I just need to convince myself I can swim for 8 minutes and that will be that for the swim.

As for the bike, I'm trying to get out on the road bike as much as poss. The first ride was average 15.4 mph (and a hilly route), my local 17mile loop is fairly flat (the odd bump is all) and I managed 19mph the the whole ride on Sunday. Checking out the faster times for last years' riders I need to be doing around 22 mph (the fastest did 25 - just a dream for me, but at least I have a target).

Anyway, me happy and going to bed.

G'night !

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