Wednesday, 19 March 2014


Finally decided to get back out on the run tonight as it's been a fortnight or so since I the last. Main reason for this was all the grief I was getting from my shins, so rest it was!

How was it? Excellent! Basically, did the usual 1/4 mile warm up walk, then ran for 1.5 miles, short walk, 1 mile run, short walk, .4 mile run, short walk and same again.

So, managed to run most of it, and no pain in the shins :D :D

Last night I did a quick 17 miles in an hour on the road bike and on Sunday I did 18 mtb offroad miles.

Hopefully (and it's a bit of an if at the mo), I may be getting back into the pool on Saturday, so it'll be good to see how that works out as it's around 10 months since I last did any serious swimming!

Anyway, need sleep, so till next time!

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