Tuesday, 11 March 2014

Oops, forgot to update!

So, since the last time I posted I've done the route a few more times, those being:

41 min 4 sec, then 42 min 46 secs, then I decided to rest as my shins have been hurting too much. Last Saturday did a 34 mile mtb ride on the South Downs (4500 ft of climbing) then the following day got out on the new road bike and did 15 miles in an hour. That included a chat :D

Should be back out tomorrow and hoping to beat 40 minutes for the 3.5 miles - which will be fab if I can, as that means I'm ahead of my original best time prediction for the tri when I first started writing this blog :D

Anyway, will let you know tomorrow. Maybe soon have an idea when I can get back in the pool!


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