Sunday, 29 December 2013

Another postponement!

Well, I was going to pop out for my second run in four days but we had a family (bike) ride along the coast (Saltdean to Hove and back via a chip shop and the cliff cafĂ©). It wasn't particularly quick - I logged the return trip at 8.5 miles in 1.5 hours. So, glacial would be the pace, but it was good fun - I did have one blatt at the eastern end of Madeira Drive up to approx. 27mph, but ended up waiting for the rest. The tri is twice that distance in around 40 mins (well, it might be if I had a road bike). 

Anyway, my legs are still aching quite a lot from first run so think it'll have to be tomorrow (Monday) for the next one. Will have to push it a bit I think as I was hoping to have had at least two runs under my belt by now.

As it's been so long since I last did any proper running, I really don't know what my legs should feel like, but reckon pain means I should rest!!

Till tomorrow then!!!

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