Friday, 27 December 2013

First Run/Walk

What can I say - I don't think tonight's little effort could be called a run, more a trial to check everything that I needed to run still worked.

I'd marked out a one mile route around the block, set the stopwatch and took off - at a reasonable pace. Went out at 11pm as I really don't want to see anyone who might recognize me.

Anyway, I set off at a reasonable pace (felt like one at least), and was feeling really good for the first 150 yards, then the legs started hurting so I pushed it for another 50 and spotted a walker. I wanted a walking rest anyway and after another 40 yards they went left, so I went right and ran another 200 yards, followed by a walking break and so on for the mile.

The net result was a mile in 10m 53 sec which puts my time for the 3.5 mile run at 39 minutes - better than my first estimate, so I'm quietly optimistic for 30 min time. I know this is only the first run and only a mile and that 3.5 will be substantially harder, but I'll have done substantially more running by then too.

Bit of bad news though - the pool I train in has been flooded (and yes I appreciate that compared to all those unfortunate folk whose Christmases have been well and truly screwed due to weather, it's a fairly minor inconvenience) so that'll be delayed slightly.

Anyway, I had no idea there were so many muscles in my legs and how much they would hurt. Same again tomorrow and the next day, then a rest then more of the same :D

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