Monday, 30 December 2013

Second Run

Well, I don't know what I was expecting, but I was hoping it would be easier than that!

It's only a mile! Any Xbox obsessed 10 year old could probably run it without batting an eyelid.

Still, after a couple of days off I decided that even though my legs were still hurting, I really ought to get out and do another mile. So I did.

Naturally, I wanted to go faster so got a pleasant surprise when I checked the stopwatch - 47 secs quicker; now 10min 6 sec.

Very pleased with that indeed. Sorry, I'm going to have to be a bit sad and say that now gives me an estimated time for the run of just over 35 mins.

I'm going for a "proper" bike ride in some mud for an hour or two tomorrow, so will probably give the run a miss until Thursday as I'm riding Weds night too. Who knows, I may change my mind and go out tomorrow.

I've also heard the pool will be closed for well over a month from the sounds of it!

Of course, whenever I do go out next, I need to be around 9 and a half mins :D

Till the next run !

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