Tuesday, 11 February 2014

Getting Better

Okay, okay. It's been a week or so since I last ran. The reason is quite simple, my shins were quite painful. Despite that, I had managed quite a good average speed so I was happy.

So, tonight I thought it might be time to get back out and try for 9 minutes out of the 35. Naturally, this total time is a bit of a misnomer as the more I run the less it becomes, and at some point I have to start increasing the distance, but we'll worry about that when I can run the whole of my current 2.3 mile loop.

Anyway, back to tonight, I did 9 minutes and felt great - I suspect because I had a week long rest.

Also had a visit to the physio today as getting grief from shoulder - he told me what it was but I forgot. Anyway, while I was there I mentioned the tri and the sore legs and he suggested I a) try running on something other than tarmac (difficult at the mo, he acknowledged given that I might as well try running in a river as the grass is so wet) and b) I get some proper shoes rather than the shite trainers I'm using - which I'll do this weekend.

I broke the run into three parts tonight - they weren't particularly well spaced but I only set the timer on my watch to the total so I don't lose count overall. May have to rethink or check timer more frequently. Something else the physio mentioned was that he didn't think the Couch to 5k programme was that sympathetic to proper couch potatoes like me with the 3 minutes increases each week, so I have amended it to basically increase my running by one minute every time I go out. So tonight was 9, Thursday will be 11. Nah, 10 :D etc

The pool probably won't open for another month so until then, I'm going to concentrate on running and cycling as the swim, if I'm slow will be 10 minutes; quick 7 minutes so only 3 minutes out of the total. The run,  if I get reasonable will be 30 mins; slow an hour, likewise the bike could be between 40 mins to an hour - so more important that I get these two nailed really.

All of this means that I now really do have to lose weight, so as of tomorrow (Wed 12/2/14), I'm cutting out chocolate, sugar and basically all the crap I enjoy till after the Tri. I need to lose at least four stone (64 lb or 29 kgs). This might help my knees too.

Hopefully, by getting the weight down, I'll be able to increase the training which will help with the weight etc etc and we'll get a nice weight/training spiral going to my benefit.

Final point for the day, my speed tonight was 4.27 mph which is by far the fastest.

Well chuffed!


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