Thursday, 13 February 2014

Two Days Later...

Well, not quite the film title, and I'd be no good if it was cos the zombies would outrun me by a long shot.

Anyway, I did another run tonight, for 10 minutes (split 6 and a bit mins and 4 ish) of what has now become a 30 mins 34 sec (from 38 or so) exercise with the average speed now up to 4.46 mph - ooo! I could probably have done a bit longer on the first section.

Shins are quite sore, but I'm going to a running shop on Saturday to try and get some decent shoes. Even though physio suggested running off tarmac/pavement, it's a bit difficult given how wet the ground is, so shoes will have to be a compromise.

Once I break the 30 minutes for the route I take, I'm going to add another mile and a quarter to the route which will take me up the Tri distance. My target will be to run the whole distance perhaps by the end of April (around 10 weeks - 105 miles of training), then I have 4 weeks to get the time down and cram in some proper brick sessions with the pool and cycling.

Got to admit that even though my legs are aching I'm starting to feel quite good, especially when you think that 7 weeks ago I could barely run a hundred yards and tonight I ran 2/3 mile, followed by another 1/2 4 mins later :)

Anyway, got to go, need to try and plot out my 3.5 mile loop as I should be starting it on Tuesday :D

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