Tuesday, 4 February 2014

Another couple done

I ran/walked last Thursday and was quite pleased that I averaged bang on 4 mph which was quickest yet. But my legs were very sore while walking.

Following that run, I then left it until Sunday before I tried again.

Now, bear in mind that on Sunday morning I went for a bike ride with some chums over at the forest where we did around 10 miles in really soft boggy mud (the best mtb conditions:) ), I was expecting trouble with the evening run.

Anyway, whaddya know - averaged 4.11 mph - and felt great apart from shins and right knee. I actually did an extra tenth of a mile as I needed to detour to garage to get some stuff.

So, things seemed to be going well, but I'm still having probs with knee, so I going to the doc's on Friday about a trapped nerve and I'll bring up the tri and issues I'm having - he may suggest a knee brace or something - or just stop running. Which of course, I'll politely decline.

Anyway, may try and run Thursday, and am supposed to be doing 9 mins or running in the half hour now !!

Back soon!

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