Sunday, 23 February 2014

The Ante's Been Upped!

Well, it'd been more or less a week since I last ran because I had really sore shins. Decided a week long rest might be in order, especially as the last time I ran, I did the whole mile none stop.

Anyway, last night I decided that it was time to get the new running shoes out again, this time I'd been doing 3.5 miles rather than the 2.25 miles I had been doing.

Main reason for this is the get the tri distance under my belt as soon as possible and get a time - I now have 12 weeks until the tri, around 36 runs of 3.5 miles - over 120 miles of training.

The 3.5 miles I did last night took 49m 50 secs. I've set myself a nominal target to decrease my time by 30 secs per run (with an increase of 1min of running, so I have to run that min at 7 mph to beat my 3.5 mph walking pace), and if I can keep that up, I should get the 3.5 miles down to around 32 minutes, which I'll be very happy with.

I'm now hoping to run on the proper days (which I'm now changing to Saturday, Tuesday and Thursday) without any long breaks like I've just had.

As I said in another post, I'm increasing each run by one minute, however what I did last night was three 4 minute runs and 1 of two minutes (so 14 in all). The next run will be 15 minutes in total - 4m 20 sec x 3 and a two minute run at the end.

Anyway, next update Tuesday after my second 3.5 miles walky/run :D

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