Tuesday, 28 January 2014

Slowly but surely. Something like that anyway!

Well, it's been a few days since I last posted!

I thought it would be a laugh on Sunday (26/1/14) to try a brick session ie a bike ride followed by a run. Ha bloodin ha ha is all I can say

The ride was to be around an hour and 16 miles but because I hadn't plotted a route, I could only guess a time and distance. Anyway, I knew the route I was doing so set off at a reasonable rate (turned out to be 14.4 mph (on a mtb!!) but it was only 12 miles, so it was done in 50 minutes or so.

Following one of the slowest transition times of around 15 minutes, I set off on the run, sorry it's mostly walking at the moment), with the hope of doing around 6 to 8 minutes of running in the 35 minutes I'd be out.

This is where the ha ha comes in. Despite the fact that I was very hot still from the bike ride, and was feeling really good, the legs really weren't interested in running whatsoever. So, my 6 - 8 was more like 3 - 4 :D

I'm not complaining as this I think is the sort of thing I need to know. As mentioned variously on these pages, I do a lot of mtb'ing so of course I was going to feel good following the ride - it's what I do.

Unfortunately this means I am going to have to curtail the mtb rides when they are likely to clash with my runs (walks) as I think I need all the recovery time I can get. I'm going to restrict myself to time on the rollers on a Wednesday eve for half an hour or so and do a decent ride on Sunday mornings - around 8 hours before the Sunday runs (done in the evening). Or I'll do the run first. Hmm

Anyway, that was then and this is now ie about an hour after my last run which was the proper first of the 6/24 run/walks. Felt quite good and did 8 minutes of running which I guess must be just under a mile or so. Should be doing a night ride (mtb) in the local forest tomorrow but will concentrate on recovery for Thursday as want to try and do two 4 - 5 minute runs within the run/walk 35 minute session.

I'll only cut down on the cycling for two or three weeks to get the legs stronger for the running then get the two disciplines going together.

Anyway, time for a recovery sleep:)


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