Tuesday, 7 January 2014

A Walk, Not a Run!

Last night I was feeling a bit rubbish so jumped in the shower, turned the temperature up and stood under it for 20 minutes or so. Then I went to bed.

Tonight, I decided that I really ought to be getting on with the running - but following on from the advice of the helpful folk at http://beginnertriathlete.com/ , rather than run, I decided to walk - supposed to be for 25 - 30 minutes, but ended up nearly 40. The route I took was slightly longer than anticipated. I did to about 35 minutes then wound down the pace till I got home, then did a bit of stretching.

A couple of things I noticed - walking at a good pace isn't that easy. Bear in mind that I haven't really walked anywhere for 10 years, since I stopped walking to/fro the station and same at the other end of the line! I had a stitch most of the way around, which was mildly amusing. Also my left knee was aching a bit but I think it's a muscle thing rather than joint. Hope so anyway.

I happened to start my (different) training programme on the same night the local athletic club go out for their run. Fortunately they couldn't see my phone on my arm as it was asleep :D

Anyway my previous attempts at exercise was a 10 minute run of around a mile and a lot of discomfort. Tonight, I did a walk and was out for 36 minutes and did 2.21 miles.

I'm going to stick with this routine (though I am sceptical), but these training plans are so similar and recommended by so many people, I don't think I can argue.

I do the same again on Thursday and Saturday. Next Tuesday I bring in some running, but only 3 minutes out of the half hour. That happens for three runs, then the running time increases by three minutes a week or so. Towards the end of the programme you are supposed to introduce cycling, but I'm doing that anyway.

Hopefully I won't ache too much tomorrow, and next Tuesday, the distance should go up, and/or time down. Will get in touch with the local athletics club I think :D

Till next time!

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