Saturday, 4 January 2014

Another post - nearly two in one day!

You could probably tell from my previous post that I was a bit peeved at my earlier run, so I've gone and joined an online beginners Triathlon website/forum thing called Ta da daaaa (in the style of "Belt from the Croods"):

Anyway, it would appear I'm probably trying to do too much so I've downloaded their Aggressive Couch to 5K training programme and will try and take it at a more progressive pace.

Whereas I've only been doing the 10 minute runs, they are suggesting I start with 25 minute WALK, followed by a 30 min walk and then introduce running. It's also suggesting warm-ups and downs and stretching, so where I was walking out the front door, running, recovering and getting in the shower in 15 minutes, it now looks like each day's exercise will be more like an hour.

I'm now in a better mood. So there.

I'm probably going to skip Week 1, which was three 25/30 minute walks I've done four runs this last then days. Week 2 is 27 mins walking and three running. I'll also be getting some cycling in too.

Will let you know my thoughts at the end of day 1 of week 2 - being Monday :D


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