Wednesday, 1 January 2014

Mid Day Shower Run :)

I wasn't going to run today for a couple of reasons - the main one being that I'm due to "lead" a night ride of the local mtb cycle club I belong to (it'll be a long hard muddy wet slog and I run at night so no-one can see me!), the other being that I only ran the night before last so wanted to give my legs a chance to recover more.

In case no-one has noticed, we are having some weather so the ride tonight will only happen if there are two or more people and so far there seems a bit of reluctance to my fb post looking for victims.

Anyway, it got to midday and I figured that if I ride tonight I won't be able to run so rather than find out later than I will be cycling and would have missed the opportunity to run, I decided to go out.

Bear in mind it's chucking it down, it's very windy and only about 5 deg C. So, I put on tracky bottoms and t shirt and set off.

I've got to admit the cold wind was actually taking my breath away - something I don't usually suffer with on the bike. Bit weird, but maybe I ride with my face down and run with my face up. Who knows?

When I did my first run the other night, I managed a couple of hundred yards before resorting to walking, today, despite the wind and rain and lack of breath I reckon I did about a third of a mile, so in the region of 600 yards. My next target is the half mile, then 3/4, and finally the whole way around. 

The legs are aching loads which I don't know whether it's good or bad, but the next run will be Friday and like I said in the previous partagraph, will aim to run the half mile. That to me will be a major milestone, and I'll only have to train to run 7 times further than that over the next five months and get the time down.

Which brings me to today's time. First run 10m 53s, second run 10 m 6s, third 9m 38s (despite the conditions). So it's going the right way, but I don't think I'll be breaking any records :D

Till the next one!

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