Sunday, 19 January 2014

Did a bike ride though!

Well, I was supposed to have gone for a run/walk on Thursday night, but my legs didn't want to know, then again Friday night, then again Saturday etc.

So, my training schedule is completely to pot now - I am really struggling to get motivated to try and run as it hurts every time I do.

Tomorrow I'm going to try the local gym and start using their running machines to try and get my knees used to running on a softer surface and build up the useless muscles.

I will be going out later tonight for a walky/run - gotta try, as it's been five days since the last - but I'm going to do a short warm up then run rather than save the run till the end like last time.

As for the cycling, I do a lot of mountain biking, which is harder than road bikes due to low pressure fat knobbly tyres and heavy bikes. And we try and ride in gooey mud so the rides tend not to have big mileages.

So, today I collared a friend and we rode from our respective homes to a meeting place in Matfield and then rode to Bedgebury Forest, did a lap and rode back - the last mile through a few farmers fields that were so muddy, slippery and gooey that where the legs hadn't been burning prior, they soon started. Anyway, it turned out to be 28 miles, with 2800 feet of climbing. As it was November since the last long ride and I've not suffered cramp, I'm quite pleased.

I am also going to have to get in a pool sometime soon - I don't have any worries of the distance (being 400 metres), but it would be nice to have some confidence that I can do the swim in well under 7 minutes - which is what I'm going to train to do. repetitive 400 metre sprints. If I can do 4 or 5 per session and two to three a week I should be ok!

Anyway, going for a walky/run now - which will mean 28 mile bike and 2.3 miles on foot. Does that count as a brick session :D
Till next time!

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