Friday, 10 January 2014

Second Walky!

I was seriously considering skipping the first week of "The Plan", as I had already done a few runs but common sense dictated I didn't. So, last night I went and did the second 1/2 hour walk (again around 36 minutes). I used the first few minutes as a warm up and the same at the end as a warm down.

That's now nearly 4 miles run and 4.5 walked in the last two weeks - basically more than in the previous 10 years! Obviously, I've been walking, but only to the car and back!

First time I did the walk, the knees were quite sore for quite a lot of the walk, second time around, just towards the end.

I've lost around half a stone so far - four and a half to go!

Anyway, I'm nearly convinced this is the best way to go so will stick with it. Next walk will be Sunday, then from next week we start introducing running. Oooh, exciting.

But only 3 minutes per night, which should mean actually moving time will be bang on the time, then stretching etc.

Cheers all.

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