Wednesday, 15 January 2014

How hard can it be!

I went for what was supposed to be my gentle introduction to running (despite my efforts the BP - before the programme), so I thought, we'll do most of the walk first, then do the three minute run.

I managed about 20 feet before I had really painful legs on the area to the inside and down of the knee caps. It has continued today and is very very painful.

If I can't get this running going I'm going to have to give up any thoughts a doing a triathlon, and yes, I know it's still early days, but come on; I managed more running the first night than last night.

It was supposed to be the club nightride at the forest tonight, but due to dampness I couldn't find anyone else to go, so I may have to get out on the road later. No ideal, but need to do something.

Anyway, bit of a short post cos I'm not happy.

Back Thursday after second run (ish).

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