Tuesday, 21 January 2014

Feeling Epic!

Well, it's only a small step, but I finally managed some meaningful running tonight.

When I originally started this quest, I just went out for a few runs and made my legs hurt. Then I joined the www.beginnertriathlete.com forum and started following their Couch to 5k programme which (if you've been following this blog) will know involved some walking in the first week (which I did), then 3 minutes of running in the following week, which was last week and which I didn't do because my legs hurt so much. All I ended up doing was more walking.

Anyway, I think the reason for my inability to run was because I'd decided to walk the first mile and a half as a warm up, but (this is a theory) I reckon my legs got used to walking so said no to the running!

This brings me to tonight's sesh. I walked for probably a quarter of a mile to the main road, then started running. Ok, it was only for two minutes, but remember I'm supposed to be doing three minutes per half hour at the moment. So, then I walked a bit and recovered then ran the supposedly final minute.

Then guess what, yep, I felt so good, I ran for another three minutes, with a 30 second interlude to tie a wayward lace. Then I walked and near the end I ran for another one minute 15 seconds. All in all, I ran for 7 mins 15 secs, average moving speed 3.95 mph, max 9 mph, best pace 6 min 51 sec per mile. That would mean the 3.5 miles in 25 minutes. I think I may skip Week 2 (27 minutes of walking/3 of running) and go straight to Week 3 (24 walk/6 run) but increase the run by a little (target of 7m 30s run next time) if I feel ok. And to do all the running in two or three segments, rather than five or six.

Yes, I know many more miles will need to be pounded, but fingers crossed my knees are ok. I think I need to concentrate when running to make sure I don't run with loose knees - I know what I mean!

Anyway, bike tomorrow, then back to running Thursday

Happy Bloke, till next time


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