Saturday, 4 January 2014


Just been out for a run, the first since Wednesday and a) it was the second slowest time since I started running and b) it transpires that my route is only 0.91 miles so I need to reassess a bit.

I did manage to run further than before - a tad over the half mile so that's one consolation I suppose.

It would appear that trying to break myself into running gently isn't working so will start running every day that I'm not cycling or swimming.

Also having a lot of pain in the front of lower legs, and thighs. I'm guessing that's normal as they haven't been used, apart from a bit of cycling, for 20 odd years.

May need to go for a walk later just to free them up a bit.

V. Irritated at the moment, so bit of a grumpy post I'm afraid.

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