Sunday, 12 January 2014

Last Walky so....

.....that was the end of week one.

All the walks have followed the same route and been approx. 2.3 miles in length and in the region of 37 minutes each. It was sort of deliberate to make it longer, as once the running starts, the time should come down much nearer to the target 30 minutes.

Obviously, once the running forms a major part of the session, then I may have to increase the distance. Who knows, I may end up running 3.5 miles in half an hour. Wouldn't that be something! Tri-optimist is probably about right:D

Anyway, tonight's walk, as you would expect was fairly uneventful apart from when a badger ran across the pavement. Nice to see one not lying in the road for a change.

Also, it was raining. Quite a lot - to the extent I even had my waterproof bicycle jacket on.

On Tuesday, I start the running, though only for three minutes of the session. I think this is going to be a long drawn out programme, and the tri seems an awfully long way away.

I was debating how to do the three minutes of running; ie all in one go or break it into minute long parts. Checked the programme, and it really is up to me.

So, for the first one, I'll try running the three minutes. If that works, I'll do all three sessions the same. If not, I'll break them up.

When we get to the third week, I may have two three minutes sessions with a three minute break. Not sure yet, and I don't know why I'm even contemplating the third week yet!!!

I suppose that technically, I did my first brick session today - a bike ride this morning (even though I broke the bike!!) and a walk this evening. The 12 hour gap may be an issue foe some though!!!!!

Anyway, back Tuesday or Thursday, to update. Enjoy.

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